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Cellulite is one of the most difficult fat deposits to remove from your body. Unlike normal fat that shrinks quickly when you diet or exercise, cellulite presents a different issue in that its thick strands warp the shape of your legs and buttocks. Losing the weight may not be enough to get rid of the unsightly cellulite, but there is the LPG cellulite treatment which can help.

What is LPG Cellulite Treatment?

This is a specific massage treatment designed to break up the tough cellulite strands of fat so that the body can absorb them at a quicker pace. The massage unit is placed directly against the fat deposits which are gently broken up by the LPG device. The treatment is non-invasive and designed to smooth out the fat deposits which create the dimples and unwanted contours of your skin.


There are several advantages to using this form of treatment, starting with the non-invasive nature which means that there are no incisions. A specialized massage device is placed against the skin over the cellulite which causes no pain, harm, or change in the color or appearance of the skin itself. Instead, the cellulite underneath is broken apart so that the body can absorb the fat.

  1. Reduction of Dimpling

  2. Increase Blood Flow and Lymphatic Drainage

  3. Tones and Smooths


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