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Everything you need to know about CBD CLINIC

CBD CLINIC – Your Key to a Well-Rounded Treatment Plan

The CBD CLINIC™ Professional Series features effective topical pain-relief products designed to complement the treatment you provide — for both in-clinic application and continuity of care at home.

The active terpenes menthol and camphor produce painkilling action in acute and neuropathic pain by decreasing neuronal excitability through peripheral mechanisms. In other words, they serve as counter-irritants that stimulate the nerve endings with a low-intensity cooling and warming sensation that interrupts the pain messages sent to the brain. For this reason, these naturally-derived analgesics are popular in both natural and conventional products in the market.


Each CBD CLINIC formula has important foundational components to support safe and fast relief from back pain and inflammation.

To further ensure their safety and high-quality control standards, CBD CLINIC products are OTC topical medications produced in a cGMP compliant manufacturing facility. Each batch is tested in full compliance with their standards. In addition, they are dermatologist tested and approved as hypoallergenic topicals.

Since CBD CLINIC products contain only naturally-derived ingredients, they are safe for the average consumer for a number of reasons:

They carry very few side effects.

They are nonaddictive.

They don’t possess the risks of oral medication.

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