The program

Lose weight and keep it off permanently with Chrono and  Morpho Nutrition! 

Meet Laurence Marmet

Margaux was the stage name I used as a singer for over 20 years. I performed in some of the most beautiful halls in France and around the world. Thanks to my hourglass figure, I was able to  wear fantastic outfits lent by leading French international designers for my concerts and TV appearances.


But, being a singer is an unforgiving profession and I had to make sure I didn't gain a single once! My daily diet consisted of fruits, vegetables, and grilled meat. As a result, I no longer enjoyed eating or going out with friends, and on top of that, I took different products to keep fit... so I wasn't exactly living it up! And I forgot to mention little treats like chocolate, dishes with rich sauces, etc...


Unfortunately, when I decided to end my singing career to become a producer for other performers, I completely changed my life from a "culinary" perspective and ate what I wanted! As a result, I gained more than 30 kg/ 66 lb in 10 years! I also stopped smoking but my greatest gift was my daughter, and I gained more than 27 kg/ 59 lb during my pregnancy.


It was extremely difficult time for me, both emotionally and physically: I no longer recognized myself and felt like I wasn't the same person anymore. I suffered terribly from other people's looks and comments. "Does it mean we no longer have talent just because we are a few pounds   heavier ?" So, I started out on a long and difficult journey... 

The Company

For over 10 years I tried everything to lose weight...

Dunkan, protein powder, Cohen, Montignac Diets, Weight Watchers meetings, vegetable soups, Milical drinks, acupuncture and more...

Then, in February 2014, I met an excellent doctor who taught me everything: based on rebalancing how I ate, I could finally enjoy and lose weight and inches.


In total, I lost more than 30 kg/ 66 lb in 8 months! By eating EVERYTHING and without taking dietary supplements, no more YOYO diets. My health and well-being came first! 


So, I decided to help men and women who are truly suffering because of their weight like I was. I changed my lifestyle and worked hard and now I have a MORPHO AND CHRONO NUTRITION degree.


In October 2014, I created my company in France: "Maigrir Avec Plaisir" and I have several offices in the Southwest of France and many customers in Paris. 

Today I have no regrets since I helped more than 4,500 people lose weight in 4 years in France. They enjoy eating, go on holiday, go out with friends, all without depriving themselves of certain foods. It is entirely possible to lose weight and enjoy eating with my program! 


And now, I would like to help Americans as I did in France because the weight is the main issue, so I created my company in Miami based on the same program as in France but now it's calling "Enjoy my Diet"!


3850 Bird Road, Suite 501 (Free Parking available)

Miami, FL 33146


Tel: (305) 663-4499

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