Didier and Sophie Libessart are physical therapists and physical therapists osteopaths trained and educated in France. Following 30 years of experience in the fields of physical therapy and osteopathy, they decided to settle down in Miami 9 years ago. Upon their arrival, they opened a small clinical office where they offer osteopathic services, as well as aesthetic treatments using the LPG techniques. Passionate and dedicated to their ever increasing pool of patients, Didier and Sophie have widened their scope of services through partnerships with highly qualified professionals in the fields of general and aesthetic medicine, osteopathy, acupuncture, and psychology.


"A wonderful place, with a very efficient staff, wonderful service and lots of French people. Didier is a amazing, the best ostheopath in Miami by far"

"Excellent beauty and health clinic offering specialized treatments like osteopathy, endermologie, microblading, permanent makeup, facials,  etc. The owners Sophie and Didier are very nice and always go the extra mile."


Meet The Owners

Didier Libessart

Owner, French Physical Therapy & Osteopath

Sophie Libessart

Owner & French Physical Therapist


3850 Bird Road, Suite 501 (Free Parking available)

Miami, FL 33146


Tel: (305) 663-4499

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